The Sun Shifts

the sun shifts, ever so subtle only a shadow shall recognise .... and destiny and destiny is mischievous embrace the change befriend your destiny ***   The sun has entered a new phase, the arrival of spring, abundance of harvest, new beginnings. May your ego be as insignificant as a tiny sesame seed and may … Continue reading The Sun Shifts

hide and seek

the crescent, so slender so delicate, so coy plays hide and seek impishly aware they all await her just a glimpse...

innocent eyes

innocent eyes belie latent mischievous intent windows of the soul stained by the instinct to survive *** if only we could transcend our own need to survive recognise that others too, need to survive perhaps we could all survive together perhaps we could take each other beyond the mediocrity of survival

inverse realities

they met each other despite their inverse realities for destiny demands to be amused and love... love only needs two victims *** Sometimes destiny gets up to mischief and you need to be perceptive if you want to have the last laugh

Mischief of the Moon

when the mischievous moon taunted from the shadow's edge the sun was reminded that it was merely another star

When A Man Prays

When A Man Prays Sunlight turns to gold dust Prism in each rain droplet Majestic mountain bows Waterfall breaks into a pause Desert sand cool as mist Rose buds carpet the feet Angels lay down their wings Holy water starts to spring Mischief does not dare Sin smells of fear and God is obligated To … Continue reading When A Man Prays