Our poetry group assignment was to create two poems with instructions, one on How to and the other one should be the reverse How Not To... Here, I am sharing my instructions How Not to Meditate UnMeditate   open eyes, turn your head side to side blink! bewildered by fuzzy logic slouch, NTV, KTN, KBC … Continue reading UnMeditate

unheard sounds

what unheard sounds are trapped within a bubble as she defies gravity reflecting the rays, a proud prism draws attention and when the film that lent her form leaves her, inevitably the bubble dissolves into soundless tears life is short listen! to the unheard sounds around us misunderstandings captivate, dividing the mind with colourful imagination … Continue reading unheard sounds

certitude, for sure

certitude for sure hardens society (open up to possibilities, perceptions) knowledge consciously clutters minds (ponder over the depth of Alif*) wisdom clears your heart with poise (submerge into the clarity of silence) observation subtly soothes the soul (kindle your awareness from within) certitude, for sure restrains the promise of infinity *** * Alif is the first letter of … Continue reading certitude, for sure

a touch of perspective

even when everything is fact a touch of perspective creates a revolution in the mind that is open and willing to shift

half way

yes, we met half way but only for a moment like intersecting thoughts in parallel minds

seek to hide

Staring back at me Was a vivid reflection Of what I seek to hide I should have never tried Ever to read your mind

vulnerable petals

created to be vulnerable petals of the sunflower blossom facing the sun just as our minds expand when lit with imagination

True Strength

the cunning prey feigned submission as predator eased its guard their roles reversed true strength surely lies in one's mind (somehow I connect this with many relationships)

Walking Among the Lost

Walking among the lost Years lose time Words mean less Paths interconnect randomly A dwindling mind Gathers no light