my breath and i

to be in that space long disregarded by time untouched by memory spiralling in unimagination even god should not dare my breath and i or even not i *** I have completed over a year of my daily breathing/meditation practise. It has surprised me...pleasantly :) never imagined I could be disciplined enough. I gifted my … Continue reading my breath and i


Stood defiant in the face of history Each brick cemented with a memory Whispers once shared in one tongue Which anthem shall now be sung? *** Thanks to Liaqat Ali Vance for this photo and to @LahoreMore for sharing it on Twitter and providing inspiration for my poem.

dark side of nothing

still is for always as darkness is, forever be still in the midst of vibration recognise the dark side of nothing touch that part within, unstained by memory and watch, even god shall become your slave *** "that part within" is the Chitta Here is a brilliant explanation about Chitta by Sadhguru

leave heaven

i will leave heaven in an instant just to hear you recite poetry for me i will leave heaven in an instant for the scent of an incense stick in my memory i will leave heaven in an instant if the borders were erased and we could meet beyond their barbed wires on a land that belongs … Continue reading leave heaven

comfort zone

live your life such that each comfort zone you slip into should be a place of recuperation, reflection before you move to the next your comfort zone should not be too... ...err...comfortable after a while it should in fact agitate you to climb higher to change direction to recharge your inspiration a revolutionary thinking an … Continue reading comfort zone

A Paradox I Am and Others …

A paradox I am, I belong nowhere, yet everywhere recognizes me She asks for her veil, for only to be able to mourn freely .... a touch of crimson~buttery cinnamon bun hot frothed creamy~mug of latte coffee snacking on a sunday~while time melts away  Before I met you I held my head high in dignity … Continue reading A Paradox I Am and Others …