new experiences

new experiences erase memories words may be reworded steps retraced but deeds are imprinted forever ... reluctant forgiveness

a future left behind

the moments passed but the time never did... the roses dried but the tears never did... the reality faded but the memories never did... and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did... eagles from the highest skies did land but my fantasies never did... (and never will for as long as I shall live...) … Continue reading a future left behind

chronic regrets

if memories weren't chronic regrets would be of little concern who would you even forgive when all has been forgotten


unseen faces unheard voices unthought ideas unlived memories when all is unknown to me i will begin to know


years of tears moments of resentment cannot invade a space long disregarded by time... not when you have moved on years of fear moments of despair space within breaks the rhythm  but the time flows and it flows to another victim who is ignorant of time's laws precise though subtle conqueress of memories womb of hope … Continue reading time

tainted by memories

thoughts tainted by memories cause distorted vibrations never allowing me to be empty, free of judgments and calculations learning, learning all our lives time to unlearn some diverse directions which one to choose time to be unwavering, still I would like to learn to unlearn, it might help me learn to be still Dungeon Prompts … Continue reading tainted by memories

Loving You is Hard Work

Loving you is hard work Keeping up with your ego A tempest you are one day Calm and receptive the next Self-inflicted flaws For which you may incriminate me But yet I love you, though hard work As you age, not so gracefully Hopeful memories That the good old days shall be back And I will … Continue reading Loving You is Hard Work

The Last Page

I reached the last page of my diary Now I write on the night skies My words whistle through the wind And on every leaf of every tree Through eternal echoes You shall remember me

desolate pyre

the desolate pyre waits to consume the departed smoke and soul mingle and evaporate what was once flesh, bones now memories ash even the pyre sacrifices its own self feeding the earth recycling the spirit Farewell till we meet again *** As an afterthought, I realised what a contrast this and my previous post are. But … Continue reading desolate pyre

to love again

it is easy to love again it is even more easy to forget why you stopped loving in the first place