experience the joy of light as it splits into seven bands experience the divine melody harmonised infintely by seven notes experience the ecstasy of living when energy flows through the seven chakras* *** * Chakras are energy centers in our body. " was not just entertainment, it was a spiritual process." Please read more about chakras, music … Continue reading seven

Mellifluous Moments

I was recently introduced to the word Mellifluous and was immediately attracted to it. All I could think of was the current raag I was practising. Shivaranjani means that which is pleasing to Shiva. This Raag gathers strength from sadness. It has a beautiful healing property through sadness, the release of tears and suppressed emotions. Playing … Continue reading Mellifluous Moments

Raag Megha ~ Rain Melody

There is an unusual amount of rain here. December is supposed to be a hot, dry month perfect for holidays. Instead we are receiving heavy rainfall. I have today found a goldmine on harmonium notations. It will make me happy to try out different tunes and today's raag is Raag Megha ~ Rain Melody O sprinkles … Continue reading Raag Megha ~ Rain Melody

yours to keep

yours to keep forever is the message hidden within verses between chapters of thickly bound pages once related by an angel to be recited in an unprecedented melody yet not without questioning indeed a challenge to reproduce the like of the revelation or even a chapter, if they could and yet still... we let the meaning slip … Continue reading yours to keep

the last poets

the last poets have come and gone but their words remain in every language embedded in melody revolutionizing seekers of change ~ dedicated to those who use their art to make this world a better place ~