what I am not

Rather than trying to find out who I am I must try to decipher what I am not What will be left That I am

Where We Belong

No matter from where we have come Nor to where we belong Finally we shall mingle Dust or ashes What will differentiate You from me?

Kun Fayakun

You asked me what I am I am the scent that lingers while you can not ever see me never touch me nor hear me No source, no forever I just am Stop questioning do not wonder any more Just accept and enjoy me the way I am A mere moment it was commanded "Be" … Continue reading Kun Fayakun

I Am Me

I Am Me I am me I could have been you Or him Or her But I am not I am me I can make me I can break me You will never touch me I am me Winning is mine When I fail it is me This world is mine The space in between … Continue reading I Am Me