New Feature

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that I have created an index for all the posts in my blog. You might (re)discover something from the archives. Here is the page Index. Hope you enjoy going through the blog. And a huge thank you for being part of and helping me create my magical journey. Image Credit

Suspended Dreams

realities with the ability to fly are called suspended dreams and when they are untethered skies shall be lit by magical mirages

An Empty Thought

An empty thought A blank picture Seem to be going nowhere Let them lead you Who knows You might create some magic (another old poem I found)

the perfect mirage

they warned me of succulent dates sparkling water which would entice me away from my drab reality into the perfect mirage and they tell me to stop dreaming to renounce the life of illusion does the magician not stupefy you? does the night not hold capabilities? you can only learn to fly if your feet … Continue reading the perfect mirage

there was a time

there was a time when i stared at my almost empty blog and i thought "what will i write about?" and today i believe there's little i can't write about words don't become less the more you use them on the contrary creativity is a bottomless cauldron of magical inspiration stirred by faith that out … Continue reading there was a time