lies remain true

broken every promise only your lies remain true mirror's stained reflections dyed a crimson hue revenge bleeds slowly drip by drip.. ** I used to write a lot of micropoetry on Twitter for various prompts. Interesting to discover them after so long. I even forget what I was imagining when I wrote some of them.

shifted reality

however much they shifted reality it always faced the north star for you can never transform truth and deception is transitory

lie after lie

lie after lie we believe read between the lies question their answers your lies we believed ... for a while 

bits and pieces

it's the bits and pieces that make us whole moments make an eternity breath by breath we live a lifetime lie after lie we start believing nothing is ever inconsequential so watch your thoughts

Love Truths

For those in love Truths are merely sweetened lies For those who hate Lies are only bitter truths

An interaction about thoughts and lies

The other evening, I had a lovely poetic interaction on Twitter with Vlad. It was worth saving so here goes, beginning with my poem Seeds of Wisdom. seeds of wisdom were planted by elders but we divided the land each clan neglected to water the seeds now we mourn weeds of disunity Your mind is … Continue reading An interaction about thoughts and lies

gentle lies

I never found truth to be gentle lies, on the other hand are pleasing because they only tell us what we want to hear *** Yesterday's prompt was "gentle lies" At times I take the liberty to twist or stretch the meaning somewhat Helps to expand my thinking Bending the rules slightly ;-)

truths or lies

there are more lies in truths of today than they were in yesterday's lies imagine how many lies there will be tomorrow what you hear truths or lies add a grain of salt no truth nor any lie is constant your perception of truth or lie will change over time and experience with history uncovered through … Continue reading truths or lies

The Look of Love

Love looks like yesterday The skipping rope cast away As recess ended in school And Travolta's eyes were so blue Those boys in flared trousers Like knights in shining armours When in discos we actually went to dance And books made us believe in romance You looked pretty enough in your own skin Not yet … Continue reading The Look of Love

Even the White Fades Away and Others…

Even the white fades away From your white lies Black truths Are all that remain Works of beauty you may find ~ were once incoherent imageries of the mind  Walking barefoot in the forest Dry leaves murmur in protest Comforted by Soft chinking of the anklets ~Those of querulous minds have neither the vision to … Continue reading Even the White Fades Away and Others…