Shaping the World

International Women's Day

insecure leaders

nothing quite as lethal nothing as contaminating as leaders who are insecure about their leadership placed in a position of power they spew out fear as an exaggerated means of control like a depraved shepherd promising protection whilst leading the herd to the slaughterhouse behind luscious grass well fed, tender meat reclaim your identity secure … Continue reading insecure leaders

The Spirit of a True Leader

It burns me that despite all the education we are exposed to and progress we have made, today we sorely lack decent leaders. One cannot lead a people they have no connection with. Connection is not formed by name, blood, fame or wealth but by empathy, decency and a sense of justice. I have said … Continue reading The Spirit of a True Leader

I am entitled to…

I am entitled to… …express my rage disappointment and disgust I am entitled to… …protest at what you steal right before my eyes I am entitled to… …peace and justice and hope for my children (not just yours) I am entitled to… …plan for tomorrow without obstruction of today After all… I contribute towards Your … Continue reading I am entitled to…