certitude, for sure

certitude for sure hardens society (open up to possibilities, perceptions) knowledge consciously clutters minds (ponder over the depth of Alif*) wisdom clears your heart with poise (submerge into the clarity of silence) observation subtly soothes the soul (kindle your awareness from within) certitude, for sure restrains the promise of infinity *** * Alif is the first letter of … Continue reading certitude, for sure


unseen faces unheard voices unthought ideas unlived memories when all is unknown to me i will begin to know

safer faith

answers, answers everywhere

tainted by memories

thoughts tainted by memories cause distorted vibrations never allowing me to be empty, free of judgments and calculations learning, learning all our lives time to unlearn some diverse directions which one to choose time to be unwavering, still I would like to learn to unlearn, it might help me learn to be still Dungeon Prompts … Continue reading tainted by memories


light is feeble, temporary it can be obstructed and eventually dies curiously, enlightenment is supposed to lead you to darkness a place of nothing discarded desires shedding emotions transcending knowledge it will take you beyond god what is the search of god for when you have found your self? Inspiration: Sadhguru

a touch of doubt

always place a touch of doubt hiding behind faith if there is an answer for everything from where shall questions come? know that it is quite in order to know less, or even to know nothing rather than know too much knowledge is a power with immense responsibility which is perhaps why it is said … Continue reading a touch of doubt

wiser than wisdom

though you may be wiser than wisdom the moment you acknowledge it you become more ignorant than ignorance


Now I lay me down to sleep Im praying for wisdom To know that All I know Is that I know nothing Only then I will truly be awake

Questions and Answers

I don't have all the answers.... ....but I do have all the questions

No Ordinary Sermon

It was no ordinary sermon… Once his words were heard whose heart would fail to soften which life remains untouched? He advised that words until uttered they remain in your control. and surely silence can be the most eloquent of replies. look at what is being said rather than who speaks it. the tongue created … Continue reading No Ordinary Sermon