Through the eyes of a 12 year old

The title for Dungeon Prompts Week 11 is Peace - Just a word? What does it mean to you? Well whenever I hear the word "Peace" I immediately think of the poem my daughter aged 12 at the time wrote. If I tried, I could not express "Peace" in a better way. In particular, I … Continue reading Through the eyes of a 12 year old

Intricacies of Henna

Her vows will be recited before all As she steps into her new role Will it now begin, or is this the end Will he be her master or her friend Rule the house as queen Or never be heard only seen This merriment is it an illusion Or will they blend with perfect fusion … Continue reading Intricacies of Henna

Undefeated Stallion

Undefeated Stallion (Perhaps my favorite poem by KimberLite, at age 13) Mane as black as ebony Worth more than the most money Runs across the desert Is hurt less than he has hurt The undefeated stallion Those angry eyes view all evil Radiates misery even through a veil Never broken down even by the worst … Continue reading Undefeated Stallion

The Spring Chrysalis

The Spring Chrysalis (Another beautiful poem by my daughter, KimberLite at age 14) And even the sun will wait Awed by the stunning glow on your face The wind will stop mid-air So the leaves can stop and stare The birds will walk instead of flying The sharks will sink when you are gliding Across … Continue reading The Spring Chrysalis


Peace - Some wise thoughts from KimberLite (then aged 12) The war breaks out once again Will there be benefits to gain? Oh Allah, please help us Please bring us peace Do we really need war? Do we have to fight each other? Do they not realize That they cause pain and cries But what … Continue reading Peace