People Power

Not in their numbers, nor in their riches Not even in their positions But only in persistence do people find their power *** our brave heroes at Karbala stood up for justice and against oppression they were few in number, had little material wealth and were not leaders Speak up! Persistently!

judgement day

~ even god waits until judgement day ~

Silenced Justice

while justice remains silenced hypocrisy acts as the instrument that deludes the ignorant and subdues those exploited

The Spirit of a True Leader

It burns me that despite all the education we are exposed to and progress we have made, today we sorely lack decent leaders. One cannot lead a people they have no connection with. Connection is not formed by name, blood, fame or wealth but by empathy, decency and a sense of justice. I have said … Continue reading The Spirit of a True Leader

Reawakening the Lost Humanity

This is a post about humanity. I know with the state of our world today, perhaps you like me are losing hope in us humans. What have we become? Self-centred, beyond reason, greedy and as for empathy....does that mean anything to anyone anymore? Let me take you on a journey to paradise, don't worry you … Continue reading Reawakening the Lost Humanity

A Necessary War

It was a necessary war . . . Stifled by silence, denied by justice Where oppressors reign, unexpressed pain Perhaps to battle is our nature As lava sometimes needs to rupture Released from a mountain’s tyranny Seeking its own harmony Eventually From valley to horizon, their land becomes a prison Suffocated speech, freedom out of … Continue reading A Necessary War

I am entitled to…

I am entitled to… …express my rage disappointment and disgust I am entitled to… …protest at what you steal right before my eyes I am entitled to… …peace and justice and hope for my children (not just yours) I am entitled to… …plan for tomorrow without obstruction of today After all… I contribute towards Your … Continue reading I am entitled to…