experience the joy of light as it splits into seven bands experience the divine melody harmonised infintely by seven notes experience the ecstasy of living when energy flows through the seven chakras* *** * Chakras are energy centers in our body. " was not just entertainment, it was a spiritual process." Please read more about chakras, music … Continue reading seven

love…and hatred

so much love... ... so much more hatred *** perhaps we can each strive in our own little ways to spread more love? just a smile or a kind word it's the little things that make the world go round *** been so busy at work, I have neglected my poetry hope to be more … Continue reading love…and hatred

dancing on a rainbow

dancing on a rainbow not a medley of colors but composed of seven notes creating infinite tunes where tear droplets of pain reflect joy to my delight, this micropoem happened to have seven lines :)

Salt and Sweet

from a complex inspiration He created the teardrop a simple release of grief or an expression of joy just the right amount of salt to the intricacy of hives worker bees carry nectar conceive cells of honey a universal remedy just the right amount of sweet ~Inspired by these words someone said to me "well, all … Continue reading Salt and Sweet