Recollecting the Myth of Me

This post I dedicate to a person who reads my blog consistently.

New Feature

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that I have created an index for all the posts in my blog. You might (re)discover something from the archives. Here is the page Index. Hope you enjoy going through the blog. And a huge thank you for being part of and helping me create my magical journey. Image Credit


Earlier this year I made it into the lists of 10 Contemporary Poets in Sub-Saharan Africa and 20 promising contemporary Kenyan Poets redefining the art form . Needless to mention, I was in the esteemed company of some seriously talented poets. After much contemplation, I decided to share this recognition with you all who read my work, and … Continue reading Recognition

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answers, answers everywhere

The Master and the Student

(When the student is ready, the master appears...) The Master and the Student She knocked on the door of the Master He gently took his Student by the hand Onto the path of realization Though the Master himself was tested severely And the Student stumbled often They held on tight Through laughter and pain Persisted … Continue reading The Master and the Student