the compass of God

the compass of God always points inwards unwavering like the north star an infinite intimate cosmos 13th Rajab ~ the birth date of Imam Ali

Finite, a Circle

Revering the beads As we whisper, counting  Sacred names, the greatest of words Immersed in each rotation (Or dreaming through it) We forget that real power Lies in the thread That holds the beads together Allows them to flow over our fingers Just a fragile thread Finite, a circle of infiniteness

dark forever

dark forever remains a slave it has no existence of its own except in the absence of light but  then, light burns out dark is infinite

dancing on a rainbow

dancing on a rainbow not a medley of colors but composed of seven notes creating infinite tunes where tear droplets of pain reflect joy to my delight, this micropoem happened to have seven lines :)

Not Within, Nor Without

Don't ask me if I love you Ask if I still love you Don’t ask if I still love you Ask if I will ever stop Don’t ask me when I loved you Ask me when I didn’t Don’t ask me when I didn’t love you Ask me if there will exist such a time … Continue reading Not Within, Nor Without