Mumbled Words

Mumbled words of prayer Faculties devoid of reasoning Closed hearts, numb souls Mumbled words of prayer Left hand steals As your right slaughters Mumbled words of prayer The same tongue spreads hate Brother against brother Mumbled words of prayer Though one eye is open Suspicious of neighbourly intentions Mumbled words of prayer Counted on rosaries … Continue reading Mumbled Words

You Look Like Me

You Look Like Me Your smile glows like mine Tears drop when we’re crying Hunger hurts me and you Yet hope fills us anew Perhaps our names differ But your words seem familiar The same struggles we face As our pay vanishes with no trace The soil feeds us together Both of us wary of … Continue reading You Look Like Me

The Shadows Reveal

The Shadows Reveal Gathering the insignificant You call for loyalty Plead calm, also unity The shadows reveal Incitement brewed in the hood Congregating sleepily with colleagues Each week you scream A voice for the voiceless The shadows reveal Your pockets laden to the brim “Live with dignity Sanitation and security” So you light their candles … Continue reading The Shadows Reveal