not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate

Ancient Connections

(for the teachers who found me some came, taught, left others still grace my life) ~Ancient Connections~ with a voice that melts lyrics like warm honey reminds of the gentle fragrance of incense what higher form of devotion than the offering of eternal music that echoes in every heart unseen are ancient connections unbroken though … Continue reading Ancient Connections

Impressions of God

Remnants of the old temple Long ago I frequented Now dilapidated A dignified ruin Decrepit, faded flag Bravely yet barely flapping Jilted by the pigeons Echoes of fluttering, cooing In the haunting halls Even the gods are forlorn Their pleas drowned By the smoke and honking Hawkers' hoarse persuasions Baskets filled with rotting fruit Where once … Continue reading Impressions of God

You Live in my Prayer

Then there are poems which come to you in sleep's stupor This is one such poem Forgive my impertinence... You live in my prayer So frequently I plead for you That He knows your name Better than any of His prophets' You live in my prayer In between late night whispers Of oft-repeated verses You … Continue reading You Live in my Prayer