Suspended Dreams

realities with the ability to fly are called suspended dreams and when they are untethered skies shall be lit by magical mirages

going off on a tangent

you were the tangent to the circle of my life why did you not let me fly off with you? left me drifting within meaningless revolutions rotating endlessly on a crippled axis where the winter of imagination is permanent seeds of concepts wither away unsprouted and the pages of my book... ...blank *** if my source of inspiration ever … Continue reading going off on a tangent

An Empty Thought

An empty thought A blank picture Seem to be going nowhere Let them lead you Who knows You might create some magic (another old poem I found)

vulnerable petals

created to be vulnerable petals of the sunflower blossom facing the sun just as our minds expand when lit with imagination

no name

some relationships have no name try as you might they defy definition almost as though they never exist anonymous unattested accomplices like a tasty secret crush of cotton wool flighty fancy imagery don't sculpt out a silhouette or reveal into recognition if pulled to the level of mortality they lose the status of infinity if you have … Continue reading no name

beyond indulgence

beyond indulgence of imagination lies an unimaginable void where silence is not an absence of sound but stillness of thoughts

I wonder

I wonder Where lightning goes after the flash Does it become the silver lining? Where do dreams go as we wake Or do they hide under our eyelids? What happens to words after you speak Are they written on the pages of time? And the pain when wounds heal Do cells cling on to memories? … Continue reading I wonder