like to glide

freedom is just a flight away

The Rise of Icarus

The Rise of Icarus (Following on from Wings of Icarus) Yet I want moreUncaring of tomorrow…  Did I fly too high?Sun blazes angrilyWax weeps from my wingsLike solidified tearsI am fallingFreely from my flightThe ocean beckons thirstilyFurious waves lash outAs I desperately recallThe forgotten weaponUnder a layer of dustCoated with rustPrayer… God, what I would giveTo … Continue reading The Rise of Icarus

Wings of Icarus

Wings of Icarus Each time you keep taking me higher I lose myself completely One day I will fall from these heights Will I clutch onto those flimsy clouds? The stars will betray me too The sun and the moon will mock me Yet I want more Uncaring of tomorrow Take me Show me what … Continue reading Wings of Icarus