goodbye after goodbye we overlooked but it was the non-intentional goodbye that eventually deleted our forever *** no! no lives were at stake just a simple matter of heartbreak unsaid remained the goodbyes barely a tear in my eyes *** some relationships have no name but they hurt just the same   Photo credit  

Between Two

what likes in between...

loved my silence

it was not me you loved but my words and when i stayed quiet i found you loved my silence even more

sweet words

hurting? why blame my sweet words #sixwordstory

moments of silence

who knew that moments of silence could inflict lacerations as slight as papercuts and eventually break a heart who knew...? *** Inspiration: A papercut on my wrist. Ouch!

Gone with the Wind

you may believe that they are gone with the wind but words surely return as echoes to hearts they have touched ... or hurt

heal broken hearts

if there was a way to heal broken hearts would you be as audacious the second time round?

to love again

it is easy to love again it is even more easy to forget why you stopped loving in the first place

An Innocent Monster

anger is an innocent monster slipping out in an instant hurting without intending to too arrogant for apologies cruel, but blameless for it was bred in an uncontrolled mind that lives in the past fretting of the future anger is little more than ego's response the slightest dent sets a blinding rage silence our pride … Continue reading An Innocent Monster

Undefeated Stallion

Undefeated Stallion (Perhaps my favorite poem by KimberLite, at age 13) Mane as black as ebony Worth more than the most money Runs across the desert Is hurt less than he has hurt The undefeated stallion Those angry eyes view all evil Radiates misery even through a veil Never broken down even by the worst … Continue reading Undefeated Stallion