hidden dreams

when thoughts are hidden dreams are born echoing in the night what you most want to forget

Yet Another Secret

I wrote about The Best Kept Secret before, but here is another secret... Shhh! Don't tell anyone about it... the best kept secret lies on the tip of your tongue for if it slips out distorted it will return will you recognise your own words?

the helper

in the hidden of the hiddens there you will find him in his full reality denied by all but a few yet he helps all if only they would ask ~ Ali, the helper of all ~ ** related posts the knower of secrets & the foremost

Keep It Hidden

Keep It Hidden Lower your gaze Expressions betray Lock your lips Words speak double Freeze the fire in your heart Misconstrued passion Cloak your mind Incoherent thoughts Shroud yourself Dark heavy veil Keep it hidden (Reading an autobiography recently reminded me how much courage it takes to speak of our own lives. Many of us would "Keep it Hidden")