the sound of loss

I can't imagine what loss sounds like, perhaps...

A Year Passes …

dealing with grief, a year on

a history, erased

This poem is a gathering of my thoughts following the recent Kenyan elections. Fear, frustration, division, celebrations, calls for peace so that we can "move on", move on to what? It is not about the elections, this is an inevitable expression of what we have ignored or suppressed over a long period of time. *** … Continue reading a history, erased

Salt and Sweet

from a complex inspiration He created the teardrop a simple release of grief or an expression of joy just the right amount of salt to the intricacy of hives worker bees carry nectar conceive cells of honey a universal remedy just the right amount of sweet ~Inspired by these words someone said to me "well, all … Continue reading Salt and Sweet

Secrets Within Secrets

the dead can't speak the living won't speak secrets within secrets what more do you want? the dreams you killed our grief belittled secrets within secrets what more have we left? the fears unexpressed and greed is spread secrets within secrets what more can we hide? when leaders are bound our voices have no sound … Continue reading Secrets Within Secrets