on a softer note

on a softer note...

savour each breath

the one about true wealth

An Ordinary Nothing

It was just an ordinary nothing When nature conspired with God And after many months of preparation A sudden haze of mauve bells bloomed Unimaginable on a once unremarkable tree Canopy for the weary, Delight for observers from highrises And all the people noticed, they were jovial ... for a while  With flowers that rain upon the people Like … Continue reading An Ordinary Nothing

the power of tranquility

trapped by its calm reflection the sky in sea appears helpless a message for all never underestimate the power of tranquility waves roar and crash though they accept sovereignty of the moon detached, a vision of ease for all the noise of thunder it has not the ability to strike nor to illuminate the heavens … Continue reading the power of tranquility

Secrets Within Secrets

the dead can't speak the living won't speak secrets within secrets what more do you want? the dreams you killed our grief belittled secrets within secrets what more have we left? the fears unexpressed and greed is spread secrets within secrets what more can we hide? when leaders are bound our voices have no sound … Continue reading Secrets Within Secrets