The Padre’s Shroud

This is a follow up to my mythical figure assignment The Mystic of Mackinnon Road and here I had to be an object in the myth. The Padre’s Shroud beside my bold silk of silver finery they kneel, murmur, plead, chant bargaining with elaborate promises hope drenched whispers, ituri filters through to your kaburi do you … Continue reading The Padre’s Shroud

beyond the grave

what does it matter what lies beyond the grave what does matter is whether your deeds will weigh you down or uplift you

wordless poetry

though their obituaries are wordless poetry shall be recited by angels at the tiny graves of martyrs victims whose only fault was they happen to be born on the other side of the wall This poem is about the children of Gaza and a reminder of the people suffering oppression and injustice. At the same … Continue reading wordless poetry

Another Man’s Grave

Standing in another man's grave Praying to another man's God Peace for another lifetime And another sun sets forever

Vermillion on her Forehead and Others …

Her betrayal no longer hidden He watched her lying still The blood blended perfectly With the vermillion on her forehead So you recognized me at last? Call me whatever your heart desires 99 and more names are mine But I am only one I locked you in My prison without bars You escaped Why am … Continue reading Vermillion on her Forehead and Others …