blurred heavens

a night when the gods appeared blurred heavens intoxicated with fermented nectar and angels danced till dawn

Impressions of God

Remnants of the old temple Long ago I frequented Now dilapidated A dignified ruin Decrepit, faded flag Bravely yet barely flapping Jilted by the pigeons Echoes of fluttering, cooing In the haunting halls Even the gods are forlorn Their pleas drowned By the smoke and honking Hawkers' hoarse persuasions Baskets filled with rotting fruit Where once … Continue reading Impressions of God

Stories To Tell

If only they could speak The stories they would tell... The tree and the old building are not too far apart But they seem to stand in different worlds Could I have been there And you here? Are our gods separate Or is this a quirk of fate? *** I had an interesting day and … Continue reading Stories To Tell

own gods

we create our own gods ...and no, that isn't thunder it is the sound of laughter

The Lesser Gods

Those who rebelled against the Light Scattered themselves around the earth Man began to worship these dissidents Brother fighting brother In the names of the lesser gods The Light in man's heart fades Anger laces his words Once sweetened with humanity The gods sit back and watch They are home Playing man like a puppet … Continue reading The Lesser Gods