Sequence – Intro

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Giving Receiving

About the Giver and the Receiver

Holy Gift

Prophet after prophet Raised our expectations When the conscience is numbed How will we receive the holy gift?

unanswered prayer

and here I am your unanswered prayer if only you would rise from your prostration pray with one eye open for how will you know He has responded? or do you become blind and fail to recognise a gift? His bounties are all around you but you keep asking more yet more and then some more each … Continue reading unanswered prayer

Dreams of Her Nightmare

Dreams of Her Nightmare Finally they felt at ease Togetherness, a belonging After the surge of euphoria Came an ugly descent The dark bottomless pit Escape from which Only brought them closer Their unique journey had resumed Yes, there it was A simple satisfaction Friendship flowing freely To mutual benefit Savoring the smooth sailing Without … Continue reading Dreams of Her Nightmare