where are you?

if i was born at a different time lived in a different place if i could experience a different dimension found at the edge of space... would i fall over? or would i find myself back to here and would now hold any meaning if tomorrow was irrelevant if yesterday never remained i still wished i … Continue reading where are you?

of knowns and unknowns

Many of my poems have been created on or inspired by Twitter. Sometimes I receive brilliant replies or questions, and here is one such interaction between @mzungundege and myself. Very thought-provoking, don't you think? Evidence of the unknown Is greater than that of the known If only you would stop your search In the temple … Continue reading of knowns and unknowns

Time’s Legacy

the emptier the moment the heavier it seems time's legacy pertinent past to present infinity's inheritance This clock was made by young children Photo credit: Alya Kassam

ignored voices

it is only collectively that ignored voices gather momentum echoes from the past drumbeaters of the future People Power

a future left behind

the moments passed but the time never did... the roses dried but the tears never did... the reality faded but the memories never did... and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did... eagles from the highest skies did land but my fantasies never did... (and never will for as long as I shall live...) … Continue reading a future left behind

time in a bottle

even time in a bottle seeps away silently it was never yours to begin with it will never be yours except for the present moment and like the genie in a lamp you can have three wishes for the time that is in your name but you can never, ever return it to the lamp … Continue reading time in a bottle

so many borders

time after time we decimate a land, sketching lines, invisible but impregnable and a people who were once indistinguishable are now immigrants if they continue to wander across to the other side permission to graze for the grass does look greener even their herds have acquired nationalities a people who crisscrossed lands whose cultures were … Continue reading so many borders