Alone, Alone I Will Go

This week's Dungeon Prompts challenge is Until Our Last Breath. What would I imagine thinking about as I take my final breaths. This is not something I tend to write about, and whatever did form in my mind made me cry and was too personal to share. If you notice with my poetry, I don't … Continue reading Alone, Alone I Will Go

Fond Memories

If you never look back To fond memories Then, I suggest Start creating some today


A challenge I took part in…Poetry with the letter ‘X’. At the time there were other letters available, but I decided on ‘X’. I had no idea what I would write about, but once the concept formed, the words all flowed freely. A huge thank you to Sakshi for doing a great job on her blog :-)

Sakshi Vashist

Here is for alphabet “X”


A Nexus Broken

When friends exchange their status

For lovers, their excitement

has no explanations

they meet in excess

are vexed by each others absence

find any pretext to call each other

words never exhaust their sweetness

their love simply extended from familiarity


romance reaches its climax

the complexities of a relationship

misunderstandings express into anger

toxic looks now replace the earlier intoxication


it all exploded into thin air

nothing left to examine

except the battle of the “ex”es

did their friendship once exist??

Guest post by Sonya… Check out her blog on the link here. In her words, her blog “Follow Your Shadow” was created using inspiration, intuition, observation and courage.
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You and I

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Forever Friend

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