poetry through our eyes

poetry by Sonya Kassam cat poet Kabira

silent poetry, as clear as night

of absence and presence

the absence of you is ever present in me though you had left, traces of you remain like a poisoned fragrance a lethal temptation like the nightmare at dawn a bitter companion like the remnant of a sting though i did turn my cheek how i long for the presence of you to be forever absent in me

as clear as night

the fragrance of poetry, at night

every lifetime preserved

i feel your breath in my words a fragrance lingers long after I have written may I write about you in every lifetime preserved to a potential perfection

An Ordinary Nothing

It was just an ordinary nothing When nature conspired with God And after many months of preparation A sudden haze of mauve bells bloomed Unimaginable on a once unremarkable tree Canopy for the weary, Delight for observers from highrises And all the people noticed, they were jovial ... for a while  With flowers that rain upon the people Like … Continue reading An Ordinary Nothing

Seven Veils

it took seven veils of light chiffon to conceal her till only amber eyes remained, warm like a fragrance at night