footmarks over time

if you draw the line someday it shall be crossed footmarks over time recognise no boundaries someday we shall erase borders (I am not so fond of borders, as you will see in my poem many borders)

golden leaves

her anklet shimmering and golden leaves behind a jingle with every other footstep as she searches in vain for the missing one this is my second post for the day, since I had been on a short holiday :)

A little about me. . . and my favourite poem

I can say I have been writing for about a year and a half now. . . regularly and consistently. I have over 80 posts on my blog, a couple of unpublished poems, a couple of ideas for poems, a lot of micropoetry yet to be published. For a person who never even felt the … Continue reading A little about me. . . and my favourite poem


Unveiling when my words sculpt you into a hero worship and adore you and the pedestal isn't high enough don't crush me you will never find another ... in this life nor the next... i kiss your every footstep quickly before the sand erases it won't you turn around and glance at me? ... if … Continue reading Unveiling