Poet Prince

Poetry by a young prince, age 7

Silent Words

Silent words carry potent curses Unheard but spoken Unconstrained by language Unreleased anger Incomplete goodbyes

the last chapter

slowly reading the last chapter knowing i must soon lay it to rest wondering if the next book will captivate or disenchant me *** A problem I have always faced while reading a good book getting involved with the characters and feeling comfortable in the location And when I reach the end, the last few … Continue reading the last chapter

goodbye after goodbye

goodbye after goodbye worlds drifted apart brick by brick barriers were raised moments within moments they became just memories prayers, more prayers but no one listened took nothing away from nothing and only nothing remained ... we could have had it all

desolate pyre

the desolate pyre waits to consume the departed smoke and soul mingle and evaporate what was once flesh, bones now memories ash even the pyre sacrifices its own self feeding the earth recycling the spirit Farewell till we meet again *** As an afterthought, I realised what a contrast this and my previous post are. But … Continue reading desolate pyre

Farewell Ramadhan …

When you go within to communicate with your soul And pray, you are rising to meet in the ethers those Who – like you – are praying at that very moment And whom, save in prayer, you would otherwise Never be able to contact or meet. ~ Kabir  

A Love Beyond ….

Two souls drifting In an unearthly abode Of nothingness Untouched by light or darkness Neither sound nor silence Devotion lovingly crafted by the Divine Soon enough she feels a gentle pull Of the tether around her ankle A reluctant reminder of reality They bid a heavy farewell Eyes averted Fingertips barely touching She glides downwards … Continue reading A Love Beyond ….