No Ordinary Lion

No ordinary lion Nature crowned his mane The colour of night Halo around a sunset Born victorious None could challenge him At the pinnacle of his rage Yet when death ambushed him Was Mohawk even aware He was fighting a battle? No time for a final roar Just a crown The colour of night Halo around a sunset … Continue reading No Ordinary Lion

frozen faiths

do you expect frozen faiths to thaw leaden hearts when even god's perfection evolves, through each experience, within every essence stagnant beliefs decay minds

more or less

Poetry by Sonya Kassam More or Less

more or less

a wordless world

in a wordless world a poet is prince just as the painter rules over a drab domain or an empathetic soul in the cruel cosmos but imagine for a moment if this world had no words none to describe the beauty nor to poison our minds if prayers were through deeds if leaders governed with … Continue reading a wordless world

an imperfect god

just as I seek to better myself, so god also strives for improvement he must seek ways to make himself known to the questioning young minds, and those who no longer believe refusing to accept fate’s cruelty destruction disease disability surely which creator would torment its own creation thus? and so god must innovate steadily … Continue reading an imperfect god

frozen tears

frozen tears like crystal drops on bloodied rivers calls of injustice unanswered and the world watches... wonder at the dignity of a nation as He too bides His time in answering our prayers humanity must evolve it's now or never ~ Gaza ~

The Last Option

the last option  to attain perfection  in the completion  of man's creation  after much contemplation  He decided on evolutionand from this higher position watches for His recreation as man debates in utter confusion