bits and pieces

it's the bits and pieces that make us whole moments make an eternity breath by breath we live a lifetime lie after lie we start believing nothing is ever inconsequential so watch your thoughts

trapped in paradise

trapped in paradise eternal solitary confinement where are those promised houris or... was something lost in translation?

Ultimate Desire

I hate being asked What I would wish for So confusing, desires aplenty How to prioritise them? But certainly there's this one thing I must aim to have the most Let me sift through and attempt To identify my ultimate desire Happiness comes to mind But then joy is too dependent And once you get … Continue reading Ultimate Desire

always, anytime

just so you know eternity cannot be always anytime becomes now then, nothing is forever and forever means nothing

close to heaven

when i got close to heaven it appeared unfamiliar what is this place where i know no one and no one knows me for eternity

The Last Page

I reached the last page of my diary Now I write on the night skies My words whistle through the wind And on every leaf of every tree Through eternal echoes You shall remember me

forever dying

aren't we all simply~ sleeping for dreaming~ for waking for living~ for moment for lifetimes~ forever dying?

Return to Yesterday

I would return to yesterday If today ever ended If tomorrow never came If I could predict my past If I could escape eternity If time was my slave And I were the mistress I would bid it "stop!" Any time you are my guest If I could visit those days When you got to know me … Continue reading Return to Yesterday