nothing but everything

it is not nothing but everything that is empty while everything is momentary nothing is imperishable *** It has been too long since I updated my blog. As mentioned in my previous post The Sun Shifts, life took over me, but it is only momentary. I came across this poem I had written a year … Continue reading nothing but everything

an eternal cycle

a river meanders in search of her ocean flowing gathering flowering eroding gravitating towards its yet unknown end where sweetness is sacrificed for the saline yet the water remains water hoping for its reincarnation a meeting in between clouds awaiting separate fates in their separate states the water still remains water perhaps beckoned by mountains or … Continue reading an eternal cycle

trapped in paradise

trapped in paradise eternal solitary confinement where are those promised houris or... was something lost in translation?

The Last Page

I reached the last page of my diary Now I write on the night skies My words whistle through the wind And on every leaf of every tree Through eternal echoes You shall remember me

He is not One

They tell me "Say He is One" But I reply "He is not One, He is Zero" He is not One For one is divisible Can you divide zero? He is not One For One has an end And an origin Zero is Constant Continuous Eternal Sourceless All inclusive And one day Everything shall return … Continue reading He is not One