the last chapter

slowly reading the last chapter knowing i must soon lay it to rest wondering if the next book will captivate or disenchant me *** A problem I have always faced while reading a good book getting involved with the characters and feeling comfortable in the location And when I reach the end, the last few … Continue reading the last chapter

complete wholeness

the complete wholeness of a circle is seen when you are unable to distinguish the beginning from the end... you do not die in death

the finishing line

finally i near the finishing line but.. it moves further and further i keep following till i reach a familiar point ...the beginning

the last question

if you keep answering the last question with another question when will the questions at last end? would you like them to end?

Forever Ends

every night forever ends~ time is reborn each day~ give thanks for eyes that open heart that beats~ for in each sleep we die a little~