Just One Word

For the past few days I had been struggling to find the words to express what we are going through as a nation. In less than 3 months we have had elections, nullified them, another election, boycott of elections, police brutality, protests, demonstrations, a nation divided, economic slow down and uncertainties. It was difficult to … Continue reading Just One Word

a history, erased

This poem is a gathering of my thoughts following the recent Kenyan elections. Fear, frustration, division, celebrations, calls for peace so that we can "move on", move on to what? It is not about the elections, this is an inevitable expression of what we have ignored or suppressed over a long period of time. *** … Continue reading a history, erased

Do You Remember?

This post is about the poetry group I have recently joined. We are experimenting with different ways of creating poetry, in particular local content. This week's assignment was a Documentary Poem where we have to use other people's words and create our own poem. Find 2 sources and take 8-10 words/phrases/sentences from both and create … Continue reading Do You Remember?

shades of reality

you who wear blinkers and shades of reality you are unaware yet on my door shamelessly you knock seeking the new term's vote

Shifting Words

shamelessly shifting words of syrupy campaign promises did you miss it? fret not you can catch reruns every five years

Beyond The Ballot Box

Beyond The Ballot Box Heed the turn of tide, pursuing our people’s pride Frustration of a nation, now seeking salvation No compromise! we paid a painful price Communities collide; factions of faith, tattered by tribe Archaic affiliations, pawns of politicians Inequities ignite; restore our rights! Enough heard! your sugarcoated words We have watched you turn, … Continue reading Beyond The Ballot Box