The Breaking Point

when i reach the point that would break me let me instead sway like the bamboo so that i don't snap bow like the willow tree if only for that which seeks to crush shall veritably miss me creep around like the jasmine vine distracting the assailant with honeyed fragrance all i wish for is to respond … Continue reading The Breaking Point

a mound of earth

i am simply a speck of dust but observe for a minute i am made with patterns symmetry of body regularity of breath a doodled mind a distinct design in the architecture of creation evolving with erratic errors through which i drift towards the peaks of my patterns vales turn into victories a composition of creation i am … Continue reading a mound of earth

the point that turned

and when i reached that point i found no courage to change and that point reappeared again, and once again seemed easier to stay put but then life had its own plans graciously, tenderly it diverted a mild deflection and i was unaware did i evolve just a little but i had done nothing or, had … Continue reading the point that turned

tainted by memories

thoughts tainted by memories cause distorted vibrations never allowing me to be empty, free of judgments and calculations learning, learning all our lives time to unlearn some diverse directions which one to choose time to be unwavering, still I would like to learn to unlearn, it might help me learn to be still Dungeon Prompts … Continue reading tainted by memories

just one request

not an ardent advocate of prayer for the purpose of asking, as i bear flimsy conviction in discerning my best interests, except that one consistent request for a long time now, seems  like all i ever wanted was that one request i explained so very gently to ensure He comprehends at times i demanded like it was … Continue reading just one request