stop and stare

do i dare, stop and stare as life moves by, should i sigh should i dream that i am living or else do i live as though i am dreaming *** It has been long since I wrote a poem Thanks to From Whispers To Roars  for the inspiration

i do not write

i do not write i imagine on paper i do not think my mind relates tales i do not dream my existence is maya i do not share i speak to myself you happen to overhear i do not write you do not read you see... you see only what you want to see i … Continue reading i do not write

anthers of a flower

a forgotten acquaintance offers flowers to eat, their anthers specifically which i must say were nectary, sitting in a red double-decker bus until other passengers boarded i then drove my car into a dark so dense, so deep even darkness was not visible hesitantly moving on bewildered, bewildered, bewildered! i was guided to a bluish dawn perhaps not … Continue reading anthers of a flower

destiny leads you…

covering yourself to appear unseen, but when the stars reflect off the blackness of your veil how can he resist perceiving you? softest of whispers may be unheard, though echoes chime through separations for how long will your thoughts remain suppressed, when two can share one dream? the same dream... run if you like, but how … Continue reading destiny leads you…

forever dying

aren't we all simply~ sleeping for dreaming~ for waking for living~ for moment for lifetimes~ forever dying?

North of your Soul

Last night, I dreamt. I was in an open field and there was a spoken word poetry performance, the whole audience was involved with impromptu but co-ordinated dance steps. There was only one poem and I loved its title North of your Soul. In fact I was upset that the title was already used, more … Continue reading North of your Soul

the perfect mirage

they warned me of succulent dates sparkling water which would entice me away from my drab reality into the perfect mirage and they tell me to stop dreaming to renounce the life of illusion does the magician not stupefy you? does the night not hold capabilities? you can only learn to fly if your feet … Continue reading the perfect mirage

Convincing Dreams

it was impossible convincing dreams to turn into reality if only i had tried to convince reality that it was no longer a dream when the dream and reality fuse together to confuse each other and the reality is sweeter than my dream of what use is my sleep this night?  

You and I

You and I Born on the same earth In different times Yet we met For a while ... You and I Living lonely lives In distant lands Yet we were friends For a while ... You and I Secrets within stories Spoke diverse tongues Yet we understood For a while ... You and I Connected … Continue reading You and I

Perspectives of Love

The 2 wacky wannabe writers are at it again. SweetNut and theWhisperer share their Perspectives of Love. To hate is to love  What is love, but the poison of a snake administered by gentle words and soft kisses As you slowly sink into a blissful smile of infinite sleep An opium dream When you wake, there … Continue reading Perspectives of Love