nothing but everything

it is not nothing but everything that is empty while everything is momentary nothing is imperishable *** It has been too long since I updated my blog. As mentioned in my previous post The Sun Shifts, life took over me, but it is only momentary. I came across this poem I had written a year … Continue reading nothing but everything


experience the joy of light as it splits into seven bands experience the divine melody harmonised infintely by seven notes experience the ecstasy of living when energy flows through the seven chakras* *** * Chakras are energy centers in our body. " was not just entertainment, it was a spiritual process." Please read more about chakras, music … Continue reading seven

nothing so divine

there is nothing so divine as the command so exalted where out of no likeness He created likeness Be! and it is Kun Fayakun where you and I born of the one command armed with reason and freedom to disperse into a multitude of tribes and speak in a diversity of tongues but that we … Continue reading nothing so divine

A Love Beyond ….

Two souls drifting In an unearthly abode Of nothingness Untouched by light or darkness Neither sound nor silence Devotion lovingly crafted by the Divine Soon enough she feels a gentle pull Of the tether around her ankle A reluctant reminder of reality They bid a heavy farewell Eyes averted Fingertips barely touching She glides downwards … Continue reading A Love Beyond ….