Sequence – #5 Direction

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Direction

Set direction

Circular Lives

Wait! Stop! You are going in the wrong direction... Today's post was inspired by the above prompt. Tell a story in 9 words. This world is round, perhaps our lives are also circular. So I am sure eventually we will reach our destinations. But perhaps there is a shorter way? What do you feel?

the compass of God

the compass of God always points inwards unwavering like the north star an infinite intimate cosmos 13th Rajab ~ the birth date of Imam Ali

tainted by memories

thoughts tainted by memories cause distorted vibrations never allowing me to be empty, free of judgments and calculations learning, learning all our lives time to unlearn some diverse directions which one to choose time to be unwavering, still I would like to learn to unlearn, it might help me learn to be still Dungeon Prompts … Continue reading tainted by memories

I found it not in the east …

I found it not in the east, nor towards the west North and south, I came without Losing hope Retreating inward There it was In all its splendour And ... I finally face my qibla ** **Qibla is the direction one faces while praying