Celebrating Courage

It is true Dreams are not for the weak You need courage to imagine Persistence to hope Self-respect to keep walking  Dreams are fragile *** Today I have the pleasure to celebrate courage. The courage of my dear friend Kanwal who has shown a whole lot of us how to tackle life when it deals us an … Continue reading Celebrating Courage

Die Each Day

We shall all be dead, we know that don’t we? And yet we resist, we fear. I fear to die, yes. I have no idea what is beyond my death. And perhaps…actually for sure and to be absolutely honest, I don’t really want to know what lies beyond. So many answers, if you ask around … Continue reading Die Each Day

The Lady Of Light

Though we identify light as revealing The Divine's noor* acts as a veil, to protect her Adorned by surahs**, expressions of the revelation Only she could counter humiliation with even more dignity The confluence for defined and unperceived truths Her presence was a mere tip of a mystical iceberg A mother, an exceptional lineage Would I be … Continue reading The Lady Of Light

Reawakening the Lost Humanity

This is a post about humanity. I know with the state of our world today, perhaps you like me are losing hope in us humans. What have we become? Self-centred, beyond reason, greedy and as for empathy....does that mean anything to anyone anymore? Let me take you on a journey to paradise, don't worry you … Continue reading Reawakening the Lost Humanity

frozen tears

frozen tears like crystal drops on bloodied rivers calls of injustice unanswered and the world watches... ...in wonder at the dignity of a nation as He too bides His time in answering our prayers humanity must evolve it's now or never ~ Gaza ~

randomly new

forbidding thoughts that are new harvests of regurgitated concepts progressing on a treadmill ultimate destination... ...nowhere old stars burn out slowly sacrificing their cores so that new stars are born giving you a chance to alter your destiny new promises to break new dreams to shatter new smiles to fake new lies to mutter old … Continue reading randomly new

Death Wish

dressed in royal robes she lay on her couch faithful asp fulfills her death wish dignity intact rest in peace queen of the nile I was fascinated by the life of Cleopatra when I read her biography. This verse, I dedicate to her memory.

A Paradox I Am and Others …

A paradox I am, I belong nowhere, yet everywhere recognizes me She asks for her veil, for only to be able to mourn freely .... a touch of crimson~buttery cinnamon bun hot frothed creamy~mug of latte coffee snacking on a sunday~while time melts away  Before I met you I held my head high in dignity … Continue reading A Paradox I Am and Others …