i never knew

flowers look like stars in night sky

looking back, i never knew...

Recollecting the Myth of Me

This post I dedicate to a person who reads my blog consistently.

A Letter from God

Dear Traveler, Do you wonder where you are headed, where you will end up? I sense you are afraid that you don’t know your purpose and worse, that you feel you may not even have any. Why your destination does not seem obvious when those around you seem to have it all figured out? Or … Continue reading A Letter from God

Circular Lives

Wait! Stop! You are going in the wrong direction... Today's post was inspired by the above prompt. Tell a story in 9 words. This world is round, perhaps our lives are also circular. So I am sure eventually we will reach our destinations. But perhaps there is a shorter way? What do you feel?

The Myth of Me

When Poetry meets Myth

Here and There

I know I will get there I have no idea where there is All I know is I have to start from here