years of tears moments of resentment cannot invade a space long disregarded by time... not when you have moved on years of fear moments of despair space within breaks the rhythm  but the time flows and it flows to another victim who is ignorant of time's laws precise though subtle conqueress of memories womb of hope … Continue reading time

tears of reprisal

she feigned sorrow despair, disbelief biding her time, for they say it is best served cold... vengeance Art by Hesther Van Doornum

Desire Unchained

Desire unchained commandments All ten of them No more set in stone Erased from our hearts Even the mountain crumbled In despair

A Love Beyond ….

Two souls drifting In an unearthly abode Of nothingness Untouched by light or darkness Neither sound nor silence Devotion lovingly crafted by the Divine Soon enough she feels a gentle pull Of the tether around her ankle A reluctant reminder of reality They bid a heavy farewell Eyes averted Fingertips barely touching She glides downwards … Continue reading A Love Beyond ….