World’s End

Hi everyone, Something different in this post. I would like to introduce you all to A Tang Poet from Nairobi. This blog is about the Complete Poems of Li Shangyin Interpreted into English by Mark Obama Ndesandjo. At the end of last year, Mark introduced me to Li Shangyin's poetry and I was so enticed by the … Continue reading World’s End


Stranded! Beyond the sand dune I noticed him Grateful to find a saviour How was I to know He was thinking the same of me...

Cold Stony Sand

Cold Stony Sand (By theHiddenPoet) I stand here in a foreign land Beneath my boots, cold stony sand A desert country rough as stones With frosty nights that chill my bones And scorching days that blind my sight A burning hell until the night I came here to find myself Had I known, I lost … Continue reading Cold Stony Sand