beyond the grave

what does it matter what lies beyond the grave what does matter is whether your deeds will weigh you down or uplift you

new experiences

new experiences erase memories words may be reworded steps retraced but deeds are imprinted forever ... reluctant forgiveness

More Than Words

I’d rather be the rhythm than the lyrics I’d rather be the paper than the ink I’d rather be the ears than the tongue I'd rather be the photo than the caption Recognise me through my deeds Rather than my vows Identify me with my smile Not my prayer May my utterances Be overpowered by … Continue reading More Than Words

rights and wrongs

maybe wrong and wrong don't make it right just like black and black can't be white but what of wrongs and rights that are grey?

completely yours

nothing in this world is ever completely yours detach from your deeds for they will either slur your soul or exhilarate your ego

nothing so divine

there is nothing so divine as the command so exalted where out of no likeness He created likeness Be! and it is Kun Fayakun where you and I born of the one command armed with reason and freedom to disperse into a multitude of tribes and speak in a diversity of tongues but that we … Continue reading nothing so divine

If I Submit and Others …

if i submit what can you do? if you stop me i will only submit if i am needed i will submit when you tire of me i shall also submit to that the shadow hunter returns home empty handed ~ what could he hope to catch ~ when the shadows hid deep in his … Continue reading If I Submit and Others …

Water Unpoured and Others …

water unpoured from the glass ~ to a clay pot ~ unfetched from a spring ~ unrained by clouds ~ looking backwards ~ at a parched earth Manifold meanings your words imply Should I stay on or say goodbye? Till she left He never really saw her Nor paid attention to her Like oxygen Always … Continue reading Water Unpoured and Others …