in the dead of night

Such a beautiful breeze in the deep darkness in the dead of night God's sweet breath Soft exhalations as He sleeps satisfied in knowing that  I have the ability to take care of myself

A Season for Martyrs

Those who are slain in the name of God Do not consider them as dead And what then should we consider those Who are merely dying to live But suffer persecution in your name Unintended pawns In someone else's game Naive and unaware of their misdemeanors Uncomprehending of those rigid minds How do you permit … Continue reading A Season for Martyrs

hate never helps

hate never helps you forget try indifference... that which doesn't kill you only makes you... wish you were dead pain doesn't always make you stronger sometimes it turns you softer so long as you stay away from bitter roses are red perhaps because they bled...? tomorrow may never come because this night seems not to end … Continue reading hate never helps

stairway to heaven

the walking dead found their way the stairway to heaven testimony that even in death you are in control of your destiny (you do not die in death)

Dead Memories

Memories die in Abandoned photo albums Pressed flowers Amid phone books Rusty playgrounds Voices from the past *** Poem submitted for A Cup of Nostalgia

Secrets Within Secrets

the dead can't speak the living won't speak secrets within secrets what more do you want? the dreams you killed our grief belittled secrets within secrets what more have we left? the fears unexpressed and greed is spread secrets within secrets what more can we hide? when leaders are bound our voices have no sound … Continue reading Secrets Within Secrets

Revere The Dead

What remains of mine will you bury Or perhaps even cremate? What rituals will you perform I will only follow my fate As I arrived, so will I leave Not a sigh shall be heard Nor my shadow be traced Through the realm and beyond Unrecognized I was while vibrant Fading away you paid no attention … Continue reading Revere The Dead

Nothing Is Ever Dead

Nothing Is Ever Dead Where the flower sprouts From the barren stone Bees gather to suck its nectar The tree leans to offer shade Nothing is ever dead Guitar strums through the room Though she is dulled from school Curtains dance in tune Soft music is played Nothing is ever dead As the restless mind … Continue reading Nothing Is Ever Dead