A Letter from God

Dear Traveler, Do you wonder where you are headed, where you will end up? I sense you are afraid that you don’t know your purpose and worse, that you feel you may not even have any. Why your destination does not seem obvious when those around you seem to have it all figured out? Or … Continue reading A Letter from God

the Creation

i don't believe for a moment that he rested on the seventh if you are a creator and enjoy creating rest is indeed tiresome

an imperfect god

just as I seek to better myself, so god also strives for improvement he must seek ways to make himself known to the questioning young minds, and those who no longer believe refusing to accept fate’s cruelty destruction disease disability surely which creator would torment its own creation thus? and so god must innovate steadily … Continue reading an imperfect god

The Master and the Student

(When the student is ready, the master appears...) The Master and the Student She knocked on the door of the Master He gently took his Student by the hand Onto the path of realization Though the Master himself was tested severely And the Student stumbled often They held on tight Through laughter and pain Persisted … Continue reading The Master and the Student

The Happy Laughter of Children

(make a child laugh today) The Happy Laughter of Children Nose crinkling Mouth twitching Pouring out smiles With twinkling eyes A burst of laughter Echoing for long after Like A wave of glitter Million butterflies flitter Hiccups double fold Stars of diamond and gold Sunset with moonrise Thrilling rainbow slides Whirl like a sufi Hold … Continue reading The Happy Laughter of Children