a wish for wealth

imagination is luxury, without charge treasures are hidden in creativity leave your legacy in your uniqueness be kind with abundance find riches in relationships add value with your words your security lies in sharing let your personality be plentiful may your passion lead to prosperity empathy is  fulfilling a smile never made anyone poorer :) you can never hoard … Continue reading a wish for wealth

Become You

Recently I completed a personal development and leadership program. This has had a tremendous effect on the way I think, as well as on my creativity. I feel a very subtle yet clear shift in my thoughts. The personal development program has helped me look at life in a different way. I was surprised (pleasantly!) … Continue reading Become You

more or less

the more you create the more you evolve the more you evolve the less you attach the less you attach the more you accept the more you accept the less you react the less you react the less they can touch you the less they can touch you the more they long to be like … Continue reading more or less

there was a time

there was a time when i stared at my almost empty blog and i thought "what will i write about?" and today i believe there's little i can't write about words don't become less the more you use them on the contrary creativity is a bottomless cauldron of magical inspiration stirred by faith that out … Continue reading there was a time