Rumours from Twilight

What secrets does the night hold? What is it that lies beyond light?

The Midst of Celebration

The Sun’s Envy

(The morning of the Lunar Eclipse, the sun was out after several dull days of bitter cold in Nairobi) the sun is out in full blaze perhaps a touch concerned about the attention showered for the blushing moon tonight? do what you will at your time you must set the queen shall surely rule adorned … Continue reading The Sun’s Envy

Father Nature

Earlier this year my younger sister suggested that I write a poem for our father's 80th birthday. It got me thinking about how his personal values, principles and teachings are so much in synch with nature. So, here is Father Nature humility of grass overlooked and overtrodden yet springs back each time, unharmed shade of … Continue reading Father Nature


and what i found was that i was lost  Image Credit

Second Glance

i would have never given him a second glance except that his words, his words chipped at my icy silence thawed my arrogance i would have never given him a second glance except that his words, his words laden with praise urged me to give another chance i would have never given him a second … Continue reading Second Glance

New York Evenings

Today I am sharing this delightful piece of writing by my daughter Alya Kassam You will find more of her work here New York Evenings Writer’s note:  “This was a piece I wrote for my English assignment. The question asked me to imagine I’m on the street, turn my eyes slowly from left to right and … Continue reading New York Evenings

Yet Another Secret

I wrote about The Best Kept Secret before, but here is another secret... Shhh! Don't tell anyone about it... the best kept secret lies on the tip of your tongue for if it slips out distorted it will return will you recognise your own words?