A Break From Poetry

As a child, I was sickly and weak. For some reason or the other, I had been through several different schools, though not due to misbehavior (!) All this made me an introvert and books were my best friends. At that age I simply knew I wanted to be an author like Enid Blyton. If only … Continue reading A Break From Poetry

comfort zone

live your life such that each comfort zone you slip into should be a place of recuperation, reflection before you move to the next your comfort zone should not be too... ...err...comfortable after a while it should in fact agitate you to climb higher to change direction to recharge your inspiration a revolutionary thinking an … Continue reading comfort zone

the house of god

the house of god is closed for the day the seeker is turned away his needs in discord with the custodian’s timings why is it that taverns have longer opening hours where men find more comfort together in a strange watering hole than they do in an unfamiliar mosque or a temple in a distant … Continue reading the house of god

The Bird and the Lady

Through the open door In flew a little bird Deftly scooped up the seeds Returning It felt a slight breeze As the door closed Confused Fluttering It spotted The pale blueness of the sky The welcoming softness of the clouds The soothing green of the trees But, all was out of reach As a clear … Continue reading The Bird and the Lady